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Last night's episode really left us with a massive cliffhanger. Not one that makes us scream "NOOOOO! I must know what happens to ______," but one that confuses us (in a good way).

We are left off with Rick and a large part of his crew, plus Abraham's group, locked inside of a train car. Carol, Tyreese, and Judith have not been shown ever since their departure from "the slaughterhouse." Then there's also Beth, who we really have no idea whatsoever where she could be, or even who she could be with. Last we saw of her was her fleeing the funeral home, where Daryl was left fending off a large group of walkers, and her driving off in an old looking car. No spoilers ahead, but I will state some predictions/theories below.

My first speculation is that Beth is safer than we all think. Most people are theorizing that she has been kidnapped by The Hunters (aka The Termites...we think), and that she will show up at Terminus in bad condition of some sort. I, however, believe that when she was driving off in the car we saw outside of the funeral home, that she was actually taken in by Gabriel the priest, who appears in the comics around the same time as the current events of the show. In the comics, Gabriel is stationed and living a nearby church. I think that the creators of the show were trying to create such a big mystery of the whole "missing Beth thing" that they didn't want to reveal Gabriel quite yet. Instead of having there be a church that he would be living in, I think that the funeral home is supposed to be the so-called church from the comics. Continuing with my speculation, I think that Beth is perfectly safe in the care of Gabriel, and that he rescued her shortly after returning to back to his funeral home. Beth runs out screaming and being the kind man that he is....he rescues her and takes her to a safer location.

Now, with Tyreese, Carol, and Judith still out of the current picture, something tells me that they will be running into Beth and Gabriel at some point (unless my theory about Gabriel is completely wrong). From there on, they could possibly travel all together to Terminus to find "sanctuary" that doesn't exist. I don't know how, but something tells me that they will be the ones who end up rescuing Rick and company. They could do some surveillance outside of the Terminus fences and end up seeing everyone they once knew being held hostage and against their will. If they're not the ones who save them, then I really have no idea how else they would be able to escape the dark-minded Termites' captivity.

My final prediction is that the end of The Termites will play out just as it did in the comics, where Rick brutalizes every one of them. Except in the comics they are called The Hunters rather than The Termites. In no way whatsoever am I saying that "The Termites" is the group's official name, but that's just what has been floating around as their nickname. Anyways, there is only a small group of The Hunters in the comics, making it easier for Rick to take them all out. Whereas on the show it seems that there is a whole lot more than just a small group of them. So leading to what I've been trying to say is that I think Rick, with the help of some others (possibly), will completely eliminate and slaughter all of The Termites. Not to mention Rick's final line last night was:

They’re going to feel pretty stupid when they find out. That they’re screwing with the wrong people.

In the comics Rick says something very similar when talking about The Hunters:

They’re f***ing with the wrong people.

So that, to me, is another huge similarity between the show and the comics that foreshadows (in my opinion) the upcoming events of season 5.

After that point, the future of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) Season 5 is up in the air. Scott Gimple had mentioned on last night's Talking Dead he and many others were down in Atlanta scouting out many locations for the next season. That can only mean that the entire season 5 will not take place only at Terminus nor will they be near Washington DC anytime soon, as it's been projected by the fans; but that they'll eventually make it out of there and head in another direction to find the next adventure that awaits them.


Do you think Rick made too bold of an assumption by assuming that The Termites had done something bad with his friends based on the riot gear, poncho, and watch that he noticed?


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