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DISCLAIMER: This is my first ever article. I'll be posting disclaimers like this one before each one. I only write because I enjoy it. I don't write for anyone else but me, and I'm certainly not aiming to please anyone. That being said, anyone who thinks I'm a moron or my opinion is stupid, save it, because it's just going to be looked over. Enjoy the article :)

Movies nowadays are all about making a lot of money. A movie is only good if it makes millions and millions at the box office is the new unfortunate truth. But I have a personal philosophy that different is always better, and that’s why [Delivery Man](movie:393013) is in my opinion a very good movie.

The basic synopsis of the movie is that an incompetent meat truck driver for his family business finds out that he is the biological father to over 500 children after mass amounts of sperm donating. During the movie he has to decide whether or not to come clean or go through legal action and get compensation for his breach of privacy and pay off his debt to some thugs. Critics have said the concept is outright absurd, but in truth its actually what sets itself apart from any other top selling movie, or any movie of any income for that matter.

See, its easy to do a movie about a guy who gets his girlfriend pregnant and has to change his ways of life in order to become a good father. But doing a movie about a guy who gets his girlfriend pregnant and then finds out he’s already fathered 533 other kids, thats a whole other challenge.

Like I said above, doing things differently is something a lot of movie makers are just not doing. I'm not talking about "how many new ways can my badass kill these 7 security guards". I'm talking about the story concept over all. This can also apply to actors. Say we compare Bruce Willis to Channing Tatum. How many movies have you seen with Bruce Willis that he hasn't had some form of gun in his hand? He almost always does, right? Though he's not a terrible actor, he's still not very diverse. Channing Tatum on the other hand, has been all over the place, playing roles like the urban street dancer (Step Up), love struck marine (Dear John), male stripper (Magic Mike) and the funny undercover cop (21 Jump Street). Versatile actors like that are the ones you see in more of the top rated movies I find.

So next time you're trying to decide if a movie is good or not, try and compare it to other movies in the same genre, and see what is done differently! You might find the differences make the movie just that much better!


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