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Over a decade since Joss Whedon's FIREFLY last aired, the sci-fi cult classic is now ready FINALLY for its second season!

“Continuing our tradition of breaking new ground, Netflix is proud to announce that we have reached a deal with 20th Century Fox Television to produce 26 new episodes of Joss Whedon’s critically-acclaimed series FIREFLY,” said Netflix Senior VP of Development Lirpa Sloof in a statement released today. “Gripping, serialized one-hour dramas have become an integral aspect of the Netflix experience over the years and FIREFLY, thanks to Joss Whedon’s unique vision and his remarkable group of actors, goes a long way in helping to further our commitment to bringing our audience the best entertainment Hollywood has to offer.”

Whedon, brother Jed, Maurissa Tancharoen and Jane Espenson have been readying the scripts but won't be ready to begin production until Whedon finishes his current project, The Avengers. That's the only bad news here. I guess, if you've waited this long for the epic saga to continue, what's a few more years? Agony...sweet agony!!

UPDATE: Senior VP of Netflix: Lirpa Sloof...damn...APRIL FOOLS backwards! They got us again....Sorry to have been an accomplice to this. I was just a bit eager...


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