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We may have said goodbye to the gang from How I Met Your Mother tonight, but there's a few from the hit series that won't be going anywhere...

One of the big breakout stars of CBS's How I Met Your Mother has undoubtedly been Charlene Amoia, who played the ditzy but loveable Wendy. Seemingly set to follow in the footsteps of the show's main draw cards, the actress has been quietly prepping for a big-screen onslaught this year. And much like Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan, the actress won't be tied to just big screen comedies.

Having already proved herself to be as versatile as a pocket-knife - in addition to her famous TV gig, she's had parts in such diverse fare as Seven Pounds with Will Smith, and American Reunion with her HIMYM co-star Alyson Hannigan - Hollywood is going out to Amoia for a variety of projects.

In 2014 alone, she'll headline a Saw-like horror movie, an award-worthy drama about a semi-paraplegic drag racer, and a supernatural chiller with Candyman's Tony Todd.

Amoia is the female lead role in the buzzed-about horror project Vitals, from director Marc Morgenstern. Said to be of the same ilk as the now-classic Saw, it tells of a man who wakes up in a bathtub without some vital organs. Amoia plays Dr. Jane Carson, whose husband is the one with the kidnapped kidney. Amoia has also filmed a role in rom-com Author's Anonymous, opposite fellow TV funnylady Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory), and the thriller Pure Love, about a woman who convinces her fiancée to prove his love by knocking off two ex-lovers. Also this year, Amoia will be seen in Adrenaline, a powerful drama about a drag racer's life that is turned upside down after a near fatal car crash, leaving him semi paraplegic. One of TV's best-known bartenders is also has a role in Live-Evil, a new supernatural film starring Tony Todd, and Fat, a festival-favorite about a man's battle with obesity. On top of that, Amoia is rumored to have landed on the comic book movie radar, with producers said to be keen on her for an unspecific superhero role in the future. It worked for Jennifer Garner and Scarlett Johansson.

She mightn't have turned out to be the mother of Ted's children on How I Met Your Mother, but Wendy has given birth to an amazing film career for Charlene Amoia, that's for sure!


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