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It's been nine long years, but here we are. The conclusion to Ted Evelyn Mosby's epic tale of love and loss has arrived. The one-hour series finale served as a satisfying end to the beloved series. The episode brought back all the things that made the show great before its quality started to deteriorate, heartwarming storytelling and comedy that's not too over the top. This definitely gives us more reason to miss the show.

The finale starts with a flashback where the gang have just met Robin and decided to make her part of the group. Then, it shifts to the present, right after Robin and Barney's wedding, before Ted has has to leave for Chicago. Which eventually leads to the Farhampton station where both Ted and the Mother are at, exactly where the previous seasons left off. Overall, the episode kicked off with a great start, as the gang said their goodbyes to Ted. There was a heartfelt moment between Ted and Barney which was able to deliver fun laughs, however those goodbyes eventually meant nothing after the next day, but it was fun seeing Lily and Marshall's reactions to Ted staying in New York (probably the last time we'll here saying Lily say:

You Sonuva Biiiitch.

The rest of the episode wasn't really centered on Ted meeting the Mother, but it focused more on how everyone ends up. The latter parts of the finale take place within 5 years worth of flash forwards, and although the clues have been pointing to this, I still felt devastated after learning about how Robin and Barney's marriage ends. After all, this entire season was about Barney and Robin's wedding. It's just a shame to see the marriage that has been building up over the season to just end in a couple of minutes, and it became even sadder when we see Barney back to hooking up with girls in bars (despite being over 40). With all the character development Barney had over the years, it looked like all of that was about to be thrown out of the window. Even though Barney does change for the better in the end, none of the growth that happened though the course of the series really helped with that.

The finale had a surprising yet predictable outcome. We all thought that Ted and Robin would end up together, but it was so obvious that we'd never thought it would happen. In the end a lot of questions were answered, such as the real name of the Mother, and the fates of her, Lily and Marshall, but there are still some things left unclear, like the mother of Barney's child, and some of the events that happened after Ted met the mother really questions if the things that happened in the series were really necessary. However it was satisfying to hear Ted saying: "....and that kids is [How I Met Your Mother](series:200728)"


So was this a Legendary end to the show that made everyone both laugh and cry?


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