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Even after director Tony Scott’s suicide, Jerry Bruckheimer is set on moving forward with [Top Gun 2](movie:43901). Little information has been divulged at this stage, but we do know Tom Cruise is attached, and he will prove he can outmanoeuvre and outfight drones.

Jerry Bruckheimer commented to Ricky Camilleri about the film "We've been trying to get that movie made for 30 years, and I think we're getting closer and closer. "Don Simpson and I tried to develop something, we didn't succeed. [Tom] Cruise took over, and he tried to develop something, and he didn't succeed. Now we're back at it."

Tom Cruise's availability is an issue for the movie as well. As befits one of Hollywood's biggest stars, the actor has a breathtaking schedule. 'Tom is very busy', Bruckheimer goes on, 'you've gotta find a slot that he can fit into'.

Attached screenwriters Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz have worked on a small barrage of other titles, such as Agent Cody Banks, Andromeda, Fringe, Thor and X-Men: First Class.

It is understood that Kelly McGillis would consider a 'cameo role.'

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