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If you could have any celebrity play you on The Walking Dead who would you choose? Obviously I'd go for someone like Jake Gyllenhaal or Matthew McConaughey, as both have the brooding intensity and good looks needed for the part...

The same question was put to Mr Rick Grimes himself - aka Andrew Lincoln - on Sunday's episode of The Talking Dead and he answered without hesitating:

William Shatner

Now, I respect Captain Kirk as much as the next man - unless the next man is Spock, but then again, Spock's not a man so that doesn't make sense - but I don't really see Shatner cutting it in the zombie apocalypse - not unless he could get his hands on a Phaser anyway. The man seems more content to enjoy the finer things in life rather than get his hands dirty bashing in undead brains.

However, we probably shouldn't worry too much about seeing any celebrity cameos on [The Walking Dead](series:201193) anytime soon as Robert Kirkman has gone on record stating his dislike for cameos, admitting:

I hate cameos, they always take me out of movies. So no. It’s a pet peeve of mine, as much as I like seeing myself, never.

I guess his pet peeve doesn't extend to famous zombies turning up on the show...

Who would you like to play you n The Walking Dead? Answers after the line, please.


Celebrity cameos on TWD: Yay or nay?


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