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Ever wanted to see Cameron Diaz getting down and dirty? Well, here's your chance! The first trailer for Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel's movie Sex Tape has dropped, and where it's not what a lot of people will be imagining when they click the headline, it does look hilarious.

I mean, what's not to like about Diaz in her pants on roller skates and Segel seriously injuring a German Shepherd with a treadmill? My only critique is who the hell buys ipads for everyone they know as gifts? The mailman? Really?!

Also, for anyone who grabbed the tissues and locked their bedroom door in anticipation, I apologise. It's near impossible to report on this movie and not sound like you are selling an authentic porno!

Clever marketing, eh?

Is anyone looking forward to getting in on the [Sex Tape](movie:381860) action? It certainly looks like it will be more entertaining that [Fifty Shades of Grey](movie:391697)!

Feast your eyes on the gleefully silly Sex Tape on 25th July 2014


Does 'Sex Tape' tickle your fancy?

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