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Selena Gomez received a very unwelcome house warming present at her brand new Calabasas mansion - An intruder.

According to Law Enforcement officials, Selena returned home from an evening out with a friend and heard some strange noises from outside, prompting her to call security to investigate.

While security were on their way, an unknown male rang the front doorbell, asking if the pop star was home. Selena's friend answered the door and told him she wasn't and he went on his merry way without protest... to rob her guest house!

When sheriff's deputies from the Malibu/Lost Hills department arrived shortly after the encounter, they discovered that the the 21-year-old man had broken into Selena's property. He was eventually tracked down an arrested for burglary and trespassing.

Poor Selena, she only recently added the 5-bedroom, 7,200 square foot home to her property portfolio for $3 million and it's already tainted with bad memories.

Even though this guy proved to be a sticky fingered thief on the rob, it must be terrifying to have someone trace you to your private property and come rapping on the door. There are a lot of mentally unstable people around and celebrities attract many people who would like to do them harm along with the hordes of admirers.

Hope you're doing okay Selena!


Why do you think the trespasser broke into Selena's property?

(Source: TMZ)

(Images: Liberty Voice and Eska)


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