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According the the gossip mill, poor Robert Pattinson is all a flurry these days. If you believe everything you read, he is simultaneously dating Dylan Penn, too busy to date, gagging to be with Kristen, or too emotionally traumatised to trust any women.

Wading through this thriving jungle of misinformation it's hard to know what to believe, but common sense tells me that Rob is probably too overworked to have a lady in his life, and enjoying his own company.

That being said, whenever rumors of RPatz and KStew reuniting get going it's hard not to feel a slight glimmer of hope that they might be true. I don't think the pair becoming a couple again is the best idea after all that has happened in their shared past, but to see them publicly embracing their supposed friendship would be heartwarming.

Hollywood Life are once again reporting that their is a chance that this dream could come true and that Rob is eager to get to LA for Kristen's birthday celebrations. One of their slippery anonymous sources said;

If he could fly to L.A. and see her for her birthday he would do it in a heartbeat

Is it true? Sadly, probably not. Both Rob and Kristen are knee deep in projects at the moment and I think things are still to raw for them to be spotted together again. Dealing with an ex in a friendly, mature manner is difficult as it is, let alone when the press is tailing you and constantly stirring up rumors you are back together.

What do you guys think KStew will really do for her birthday? I hope she gets some time off to let her luscious locks down with the LA based posse!


What do you think KStew will do for her upcoming birthday?

(Source: Hollywood Life)

(Images: International Business Times via Reuters and Got Celeb)


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