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The Vampire Diaries broke an unwanted record last Thursday when they recorded a series low in ratings.

It was a 36 percent drop in the ratings - which had been solid only the week before.

Of course, it could just be a blip. And it did coincide with the NCAA Sweet 16 basketball tournament - but could it also reflect audiences turning off following the break up the Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev)? Or even that audiences are tired of their relationship all together?

The episode, aside from the break up of Delena, saw Caroline try to kill Stefan doppelganger - and many are now speculating that that two could also end up as an item.

But what do you think? Can you explain the drop in ratings for The Vampire Diaries? Are you tired of Delena, or do you want just want them back together? Write in with your thoughts below.

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What was the cause of The Vampire Diaries' drop in ratings?


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