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Spider-Man 3 might not have been the finest comic book movie ever made - but it had its moments.

In particular, the scene featuring the spectacular rescue of Gwen Stacy after her office was attacked by a crane and she fell to certain death, only to be rescued at the last by Spider-Man.

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Well now you can see the origin of that scene, among others, in some newly released concept art for the movie.

These images were designed by Kasra Farahani. Take a look at them and decide: did Spider-Man 3 have a better movie hidden within, or do these images only prove how grateful fans can be about the reboot, which has its own second movie only a month away?

And you can see the scene itself here:

So what do you think? Does looking at these pictures make you think that Spider-Man 3 was a good concept poorly executed - or just make you more glad that the Tobey Maguire Spider-man is dead, buried and soon to be replaced by The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

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