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I saw Noah on Sunday, it's a really cool watch. What I took from the movie was that Noah was a young boy learning from his father about the world. But lost his father to Cain who didn't go after [Noah](movie:204057) himself. Noah taught his sons about the land, but had a dream that the world would end in water. So his family: Naameh, Ham, Shem, and Samyaza. They later adopted Ila, whose people were attacked and killed, leaving her at the time barren. The place that Noah had gone to was where he assumed his grandfather, Methuselah (Anthony Hopkins) lived. Noah brought his eldest son, Shem, but the conversation was not for him to hear. Methuselah basically told his grandson this: "If god has come with a task for a family to complete, then the fate of the world for a new beginning rest on his shoulders." Overtime, Noah and his family began building an vessel known as a ark, after Noah has another dream that the new world would require 2 of each animal, male and female to create more creatures for the new world.

But for one character in particular, this new beginning brought a sadness in her:

Ila wonders what her life would have become if Noah and Naameh hadn't found her. But for Ham, all he wanted was to find a wife of his own. Shem was fond of Ila and treated her more than just a sister. When Noah saw that the new world didn't include the boys having wives. Ham took off and Ila went after him, but Sham was sent to look for them as it was getting dark. Ila met Methuselah, who is either her great-grandfather or grandfather, he was surprised that she was not given a blessing. Methuselah gave her a gift, one that gave her hope of a start for the new world. When Shem found Ila, he was surprised that she was happy and giggling. They had sex right in the forest, before returning to Noah.

But Ham was not among them, he was with Cain, who killed Noah's father for the snakes skin. He was wanting to take the ark, but it was in vain twice. When the watchers, who left them a long while back to the fate in a ditch, one decided that not all humans are bad and helped Noah to find a place where they could begin building the ark. Their was a battle, but it was to take the ark, which automatically failed, because the waters came after the rains started.

Cain ultimately lost the battle after he was hanging on for dear life when the areas that held the ark together broke and the vessel started floating by herself.

While safe in the ark, Noah and his family were spared from the flood waters. Outside the ark, they could be killed, if not from starvation, then by the freezing water.

But for one girl, this brought a new issue. Since the sexual encounter with Sham. Ila was not feeling right and went to Naameh for some help, only to find out that she was not sick. Ila was with child, she and Shem went to Noah to ask for his blessing with the news of her pregnancy, but Noah was furious. If Ila has a boy, he would replace Noah, but the girls would be killed off. Ila was fearful, Naameh was not happy at all. Ham, was keeping a secret that Cain was inside the vessel. But 8 to 9 months on, Ila was carrying either future, or funeral in her. While her time came after Noah set the raft on fire that Shem and Ila were planning on leaving in, Ila's water broke, which signal that the delivery would be that day.

Fearing what she would be having, Naameh helped Ila and she realized that was having a girl, but she wasn't finished. Ila was having twins, both girls, which left Ila fearing for both their young lives. Before Ila's delivery, Samyaza was sending out birds to find evidence that their was land. It wasn't until after Noah fought and Ham killing Cain, that Noah still had a mission to accomplish. Ila begged for him to allow her to sing the twins to sleep, before Noah decided rather or not to kill them. But instead, he kissed them both on the forehead and allow them to live. After one of the birds returned with a leaf, from the grass. Noah and his family were relieved that the hope for a new beginning started. But for Ham, it was time for him to branch out on his own. Sham stayed and Noah gave the twins the blessing that they would be given the task of continuing man-kind.

I can easily break this down: For those who are seeing a Noah's ark story for the first time, this is a very good movie, but with twist and turns. For those who read bibles and have read about Noah's ark before, you will probably notice some stuff that is what happened in the bible and some that is Hollywood at best. Regardless, Russel Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winston, Emma Watson, Douglas Booth, Logan Lerman, and Anthony Hopkins, it's a really good movie.


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