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Although it has only recently been announced that The Incredibles 2 is being actively developed, we can already be confident in some more chilled out comedy from fan favourite Frozone.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Samuel L. Jackson let slip that Frozone's return is almost a given. The [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973) star told interviewers that;

Every time I run into Brad (Bird, director) he always tells me Frozone is part of what’s going on, so I have to believe that. I guess they could be The Incredibles without Frozone, but I think Frozone would be a wonderful addition to what’s already there

Surprisingly, Jackson was more interested in another character than his own role in [The Incredibles 2](movie:673500). He admitted that;

I’m just looking forward to seeing what Jack-Jack turned into!

Don't take it from me though, hear it straight from the horses mouth in the interview below;

Is anyone else super psyched to see the ultra-chilled hero skate back onto our screens, or do you think that The Incredibles could do just fine without him?


Would you like to see Frozone return?

(Source: Comic Book via Digital Spy)

(Images: Movieweb)


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