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Anyone with access to the internet or human interaction is aware that a certain Captain makes his 2nd cinematic appearance this week, and we have been loving the debates appearing on Moviepilot:

  • Is Chris Evans really retiring from acting?
  • Is Marvel about to kick DC's proverbial butt with this epic release?
  • Is Scarlett Johansson's skin actually made of leather?

Here is that near perfect trailer, once again for your viewing pleasure...

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Friday, April 4)

We don't need a scientist to predict the winner at the box office for this weekend, but we want to hear your thoughts, and so does Marvel:

Easter Eggs? Links to Cap 3/ Agents of SHIELD/ New solo movie hints?

No theory is too crazy (remember the whole 'the world is round' theory? That guy was once considered a nutjob, too.)

But if you've had enough of Scar-Jo, why not check out something entirely left of field this week with:

Under the Skin (Friday April 4)

staring... Scarlett Johansson

But this time, she trades in the leather suit for a black bikini and a shorter hair cut.

This movie looks vague and mental, which basically gets me every time.


Which Version of Scarlett are you going to see this weekend?

But if you feel you've seen enough of Scarlett and bikini's... why not check out:

Dom Hemingway (Friday April 4)

Oh, more black bikini. Sorry.

It seems to me that depravity follows Jude Law around like a bad smell (or a bikini model- also known to follow Jude Law around).

This one's about a safecracker who spent 12 years in jail for keeping his mouth shut. Now he's out to get what he's owed. Because time is worth less than money, I guess. What do we think? Worth a trip to the movies?

Moving on!

Guess who won our favor at the box office this weekend?

Noah: $44 million

Swiftly followed by...

Divergent: $26.5 million

Based on my last post (which you should totally check out here) Divergent took in $56 mil in its first week, compared to $152mil for the first Hunger Games, and $158 mil for Catching Fire. Is Katniss more bas-ass than Tris?


Who Do you vote OFF the YA Island?

And finally... this week's celebrity birthdays:

  • Ewan McGregor is 43
  • Michael Fassbender is 37
  • Robert Downey Jn. is 49

Kiss/ Marry/ or BFF?

There you have it, another week of inspiring cinema to write home about. But instead of getting out your quill and ink, throw a post up on and share with all your loved ones at the same time!


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