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Early this morning, James Cameron sent word from the New Zealand set of Avatar 2 to confirm a major new character had been cast in the hugely anticipated sequel. While fans were looking forward to the return of Jake Sulley and Neytiri, Cameron seems intent on taking the sequel in a brave new direction.

The legendary director has made the bold decision to cast action legend Arnold Schwarzenegger as the King Of The Na'vi: A longsword-wielding blue badass with a thirst for violence.

Speaking to WEBSITE.COM, Cameron explained what motivated the decision:

I'm just kind of over the whole save the environment thing you know? I believe that message is played out. What I want Avatar 2 to tell people is: 'Hey trees are great, but so is violence.' and I just wanted to play with that concept.

When asked why he chose Arnie as the man to shake up the formula, Cameron responded:

I just watched Conan The Barbarian for the first time with a buddy of mine and he's no fool. I couldn't get the idea of Conan on Pandora out of my head. Plus Arnie is a good friend of mine and recently came to me asking for work.

Cameron finished by saying:

When it came to fitting Jake & Neytiri back into the story I just found myself asking why? Why would I want to spend time with these characters when I could be watching 4 hours of Schwarzenegger painted blue and killing things with a space sword? It was a no brainer.

Oh and:

And, like Arnie's accent is pretty weird? Am I right? Like, when I listen to him talk all I think is: Alien God sat on a throne of stardust. Plus his character, King Pilaflo'Or, is just learning to speak English so Arnie's bizarre inflection is perfect. Is that racist? Can I say that?

After that, Cameron reportedly climbed back into his submarine while muttering "Game over man, game over."

We'll have an update on this story April 1 2015.



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