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Joe Brunett

April Fools day is directed by Fred Walton and stars Deborah Foreman (Waxwork) and Griffin O'Neal (Wraith, Escape Artist). The story revolves around 6 college students who spend their spring break in a mansion owned by their friend, Muffy St. John.

Muffy has prepared a set of jokes for her friends. As they get through the simple jokes and maneuver through the more serious jokes, the kids start to get skeptical once they realize one of their friends, Skip is missing. What the kids don't know is that Muffy has a evil twin sister, Buffy.

After finding Muffy's severed head in the basement, they have now figured out that the girl was actually Buffy this whole time pretending to be Muffy.

Eventually, Kit gets separated from the group and finds out that the whole things was an act of some sort. The whole story was a rehearsal of a slasher instead of the real things. Muffy then finds a jack in the box that she had when she was a kid. A girl she knew from her class, Nan then uses her fake razor and pretends to slit Muffy's throat. The jack in the box then winks at the camera; end of movie.


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