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Makin' It Wayne!!!

We all know playboy- billionaire Bruce Wayne is BALLIN'! But, how much cash are the actors being paid to play The Dark Knight?

Well, knows! They recently posted an article on 'Who Was the Highest Paid Batman?' Guess what? We want to know!

Lets Get Started!

4.) Val Kilmer: Batman Forever (1995) - $3 million

Starring in Joel Schumacher‘s mockery of a Batman franchise, damn you Bat-Nipples!

3.) George Clooney: Batman & Robin (1997) - $10 million

Since Val Kilmer and director Joel Schumacher bumped heads, George Clooney had to step in with his lousy Bat-Credit Card. Why?

2.) Michael Keaton: Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992) - $10 Million (for Batman Returns alone)

The best Batman, hands down! Tim Burton's original Batman made a record breaking $40 million dollars on it's opening weekend! Batman is the second-highest grossing film of the Batman franchise.


Whoa, whoa, this is a family article...
Whoa, whoa, this is a family article...

Number 1 is Christian Bale coming in with a whopping $50 million!!!!

Congrats Christian...way to rub it in, buddy. I wonder if Ben Affleck will be able to wave his wad of cash around in front of your face after [Batman vs. Superman](movie:711870).

BONUS FACT: And maybe the most sad fact of all... Chris O'Donnell recently admitted he keeps his Robin suit from Batman and Robin in a trunk that he carries with him from house to house. If it were me, I'd burn it to get rid of the bad juju.


The best Batman of all time?


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