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The Amityville Horror has had many faces over the years (11 films so far!) - from original release in 1979 through to the most recent addition in 2011, the Amityville story has been done, re-done and done again far more than it really should have been.

Then again, it might be time for it to be done right. Blumhouse (The Purge, Sinister, the Paranormal Activity series, etc) announced some time ago that is would be producing the newest addition to the [Amityville](movie:583500) story - thankfully they've also stepped away from an early idea to re-boot it as a found footage film.

Jennifer Jason Leigh and Bella Thorne have already signed on - but the newest addition to the cast looks like it's going to be Cameron Monaghan (star of TV's Shameless) who seems to be ready to take a break from his previous gigs to branch out into the horror genre.

Will you be checking out this newest installment in the series? Do we even NEED another one? Let me hear your thoughts.

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Does Amityville need another sequel?


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