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He was the Father of the Wolfman, a hunchback and a phantom. Today is his birthday and he is DEAD! of course he was born on this day over 130 years ago in 1883 and was one of the first people to use Special effects make up to help create many memorable and Iconic characters. It's his Phantom of the Opera that we all picture when we hear that title. I just thought that the title and picture would make a good April Fool's day joke ! I also like history and who better to start an article about a documentary with then the Great Grand daddy of them all Lon Chaney!

Nightmare Factory

After working with Tom Savini on Day of the Dead Greg Nicotero left medical school and went to LA to make monsters. After working on Evil Dead 2 with gore masters Howard Berger and Robert Kurtzman they formed KNB EFX group and together they have made just about every every great monster, practical effect, and Bloody mess you've loved for the last 25 years or so. If you have ever been interested in doing special effects and make up you need to see this documentary. With hours and hours of behind the scene footage, quotes from Romero, Savini, Sam Raimi, Tarentino, Rodriguez, John Carpenter and others Donna Davies has assembled a great documentary. A supreme salute to one of the most prolific effects houses in TV and Movies today.

Nightmare Factory is available on Netflix I have to give it 4 and a half eaten Zombie out of 5!

Here's a little short made by Mr. Nicotero as a tribute to his inspirations. Enjoy!


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