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While we’re in rehab waiting for Season 5 to come this fall, If I may leave you this one thing to think about during the summer (be suspicious of potential spoilers!), when we first met Joe and his group, we immediately saw a connection to the Hunters of the comics (in spite of some minor alterations) who were cannibals. While we didn't get to hang with Joe “claimers/rapists” for very long, could these people at Terminus be the actual cannibals? It seems possible. After all, what kind of meat was Mary grilling? Also, what became of Tyreese, Carol and baby Judith? Will they make it to Terminus and, hopefully, save the day in season 5?

Far from being traumatized, there’s a new glint in Rick Grimes eyes, a new objective to his step. There’s a clear focus acceptance, at last, to what he’s capable of and why it’s significant in this lawless anything goes of a new world. “Last night, that wasn't you,” Daryl tells him, trying to lend a bit of comfort. But no, it really is Rick replies. That’s why he’s survived, why Carl is still alive. At the end of the day Rick is accepting that this isn't a world for farmers or social equality and passiveness; it’s a life that is live-by-the-sword, die-by-the-sword world, and only the fittest survive….no pun intended toward Michonne the “samurai” the new name given by Gareth….OK, digressing again….

Rick is on his law enforcement game when they arrive. They don’t approach on the tracks and they don’t go in the front door….smart, not like last week’s group. Instead, they creep in over the fence; go in the back door…sadly still end up captured. Looks were deceiving because at first everything seems fine. Seemly polite folks give weapons back and offers food...human flesh barbecue! In case you missed it (their guide makes a creepy cannibalism reference, but Michonne, Carl, Rick or Daryl didn't notice.) Still, Rick is on his game as a smart cop. Rick notices the tall-tale signs. The pocket-watch Hershel gave Glenn, the familiar poncho Daryl wore, the riot gear from the prison and backpack. All of a sudden, Rick smacks the plate of meat away from Carl before he becomes a cannibal…and takes their guide as a hostage.

Now this is all very exciting, and I think The Walking Dead has created a really good enemy for Season 5. First-class creative writing follows a simple rule: Things get worse before they get better. And without a doubt things have gotten just as bad as they possibly could for Rick and his group. On the other hand, I’m not a huge fan of the cannibal idea. Cannibalism isn't particularly resourceful, for one thing. In terms of pure economics, the Terminus crew would be better off utilizing human capital for any number of other purposes. There aren't that many survivors out there, so relying on humans for meat is going to likely be more work than it’s worth. On the other hand, finding highly skilled zombie apocalypse survivors could lead to all sorts of other beneficial gains for the Terminus. Therefore, cannibalism is poor economics and I have a bit of a difficult time believing that an entire community like this could be okay with the whole stomach-turning vomiting thing. But then again this is a lawless world and anything goes for survival. Yes, we have instances of cannibalism in our history.

The Donner group, once desperate enough, took to cannibalism. A few serial killers have as well. However an entire community, reasonably safe in their fighting fit -fortified camp, with ample room and resources to grow food, and perhaps raise livestock, as Rick’s group did on the prison grounds. It seems like a far stretch theory. Of course, for the sake of the show (The Walking Dead) it’s entertaining, creepy horrid, believable theory. It makes for a grand, edgy cliff-hanger. And it sets up Rick as the bad-ass sheriff we've all wanted him to be for so long now. Wise-cracking, Abraham comments on the fact that they might not stay alive much longer, bad-ass Rick replies with a simple “No.”“They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out,” he says. “Find out what?” asks Abraham. “They’re screwing (fucking) with the wrong people.” Rick’s rebirth as the bad-ass takes no prisoners, somewhat ruthless—hero….is back for Season 5.


Who's going to rehab until October?

I’m sooooooo curious as to Beth’s fate. In reality Beth was never a major character, but the show tried hard to build her up in the mid-season episodes. Was it all just to give her death a bigger bang? I’d say that’s possible. We won’t have answers to any of these questions for six months, but I’m actually sincerely looking forward to Season 5. There’s real impetus here, and a completely different sort of nasty piece of work (Gareth) from the Governor. I got a feeling Gareth is going to make the Governor look like Mary had a little lamb or the Good Witch of the North.


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