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One of the Avengers cast members was just revealed to have gotten completely naked for their next film. Newly pregnant [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973) star Scarlett Johansson stripped it all off for her upcoming film [Under The Skin](movie:211051), playing a visitor from another world.

Johannson plays Laura, a predatory alien in a "synthetic human body." She survives by capturing unsuspecting male hitchhikers that she then "harvests for their humanity," and ends up in some pretty raw sex scenes as a result. Along with exploring her human body by "examining her naked form in mirrors," she particularly enjoys playing a cat-and-mouse game with human men "before taking what she wants from them and leaving them to die."

Well isn't that a living nightmare (except it's ScarJo, so not really)! What does Scarlett think about all of this?!

I think in some ways you have to sort of look at the nudity, and you assume it's going to be like a screen shot for someone, so you kind of have to weigh the value of the risk that you're taking. Is this gratutitous? Is this a vanity project? Or is this an important part of this character's journey to self-discovery - what's the gain?

It's nice to see Johannson is doing it more for character development than the cheap sex appeal, and that Jonathan Glazer, the director, also views the scenes as being important for the same reasons. What do you think? Professional art or gratuitous?

Under the Skin hits theaters on this Friday, April 4th, the same day as Scarlett Johannson's OTHER blockbuster Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

(Source: BeautyWorldNews)


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