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As a fan of everything super, Michael feels it is his duty to release new and exciting details surrounding everyones favorite movies.
Michael Williams Jr.

With filming of the highly anticipated The Avengers: Age of Ultron already in affect, with the superhero team just finishing up filming in Italy, it is needless to say they have visited some far-flung places. Production has just begun in Seoul, South Korea filming has created quite a stir in the citizens. Shutting down the Mapo Bridge to film a whole barrage of shots, there is no telling what it would do to traffic. But it turns out Joss Whedon has more to worry about than just complaints of backed up traffic. It's been revealed that the Mapo Bridge is sort of like the Golden Gate Bridge of South Korea, the bridge being a major suicide hot spot. With LED signs branding the happy slogans, "The most shining moment of your life has yet to come" and "Your worries will feel like nothing when you get older.". So those didn't really work as so well. Over the weekend the whole cast and crew got a surprise, and not the good kind. A real dead body was found floating under the bridge while the cast was filming. After later speculation it turns out the body has been dead for over two weeks, and with filming of The Avengers just starting a few days ago, there is no correlation to the death of the man, and filming.


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