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Though Angelina Jolie's 130-million-dollar Disney investment Maleficent doesn't hit theaters for another 8 weeks, one Wall Street analyst is already predicting box office failure. Is this statement from bold research, or rashly examined evidence?

Wells Fargo’s Marci Ryvicker declares the classic fairytale with a villainous perspective twist may be a lot less of a success than Disney is expecting.

Expectations for a ‘Maleficent’ write-off seem relatively widespread

The stats don't seem to agree completely however. Maleficent has 1.8 million facebook likes, making it the post popular non-franchise movie set to release in 2014. RBC Capital's David Bank is currently predicting 150 million income in the US alone.

On the spreadsheets, you might even mistake one powerful quality the film has on its side: The Jolie Factor! I mean, who doesn't love Angelina's movies?

This film is absolutely crucial for future Disney animation to live action adaptations, such as next year's Cinderella, and announced adaptations like Pan, The Little Mermaid, and more, as well as sequels to previous adaptations like Snow White & The Huntsman 2 and the Alice in Wonderland sequel now titled The Looking Glass.

Maleficent enchants theaters starting on May 30th, 2014

(Source: NY Post)


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