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The Star Wars: Episode VII rumor train rumbles on. Following yesterday's whispers that Peter Mayhew might reprise his role as everyone's favorite Wookie, today news comes in that J.J. and co. will begin filming as early as May 14th on the Northern coast of Africa, with Morrocco and Tunisia as probable locations. George Lucas used these locations to shoot the two sunned planet of Tatooine so this news hints that a return to Luke's home world could be very much on the cards. As Badass Digest reports:

Sources tell me that Star Wars Episode VII will begin shooting almost exactly six weeks from today, on May 14th. The first two weeks will be on location in Morocco. If I had to guess I would say this means a return to Tatooine, and that it's possible the production will be skipping over to Tunisia as well, where most of the Tatooine stuff was shot.

Is this one looking likely? Why the hell not. Tatooine holds an important role in the saga: birthplace of Anakin and death place of his mother; birthplace of Luke and Leia too; so If those characters, and any possible young'uns, were to return, why not take a trip home?

As any fans who have visited these countries can attest, much of Lucas' sets still remain. They look battered and windswept as ever but still hold an incredibly mythical quality. Lucas channelled so much of John Ford for Star Wars and in Tatooine he found the perfect lawless frontier town to take that director's Western sensibilities to space. You can imagine J.J. wanting to honer that in some subtle way so we'd be surprised if we don't find ourselves back up there at the end of next year.

And of course, any excuse to play this is always welcome.

Star Wars: Episode VII shoots in just over six weeks.

The hairs on our necks are set to stand, will your's be joining us? Let us know below.


Do you hope to see those two suns rise again?


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