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Eight years after Mick Taylor (John Jarrett) first emerged from the depths and took a shine to some unlucky backpackers, Greg Mclean's sequel, Wolf Creek 2, is also beginning to surface.

With Greg McLean's sequel gearing up for its April 17 VOD release, we thought some of you horror fans might like to celebrate with PopCultcha's Mick Taylor Bobble Head!

Australia's most sadistic man is featured carrying his hunting knife, rifle and holding a severed head of one of his many victims - no doubt hoping to remind us of that feeling of fear and terror that Wolf Creek provoked. Check him out:

Well, at least the 7 inches tall plastic Mick Taylor Bobble Head makes the phrase "people like me eat people like you" seem a little less menacing!

In Wolf Creek 2, a new group of unsuspecting backpackers will fall prey to the sadistic madness of the serial killer in the Australian outback. Besides the original antagonist, John Jarratt, the film stars Shannon Ashlyn, Ryan Corr and Phillipe Klaus.

So, will you be picking this collectable up before the movie drops on April 17? Sound off in the comment section below!


Looking forward to Wolf Creek 2?


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