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The Walking Dead Season 4 only finished last Sunday, but it is already being talked about as one of the greatest season of that - and perhaps any - modern TV show.

And AMC and McFarlane Toys know it: they are set to release the complete fourth season on Blu Ray and DVD on August 26th - and they have put out the first image of the limited edition Tree Walker Blu-ray set, made by McFarlane.

They have put out similar collectibles for previous seasons - but The Walking Dead Season 4 may well be the most re-watchable of them all, especially as there are so many clues hidden within the show as to what may be coming next.

Take a look at the limited edition Blu Ray set here:

So will you be buying The Walking Dead Season 4 on Blu Ray or DVD? Do you like the look of the Tree Walker? And was Season 4 the best one yet?

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Was TWD Season 4 the best Season yet?


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