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Chris Fields

Well we knew that this "high speed game of chicken" wouldn't last too long and now it seems WB/DC has swerved. Variety is now reporting that [Man of Steel](movie:15593)2 has been moved off the May 2016 date, to December 2016. Yes another 7 months. Also reported is that the reason for the move is to allow for the production of another feature film to be released in fall of 2015. And what could this new project be, [Justice League](movie:401267)? Nope. [The Flash](movie:15273)? No way? Martian Man Hunter? Not even close. They are giving us a solo Wonder Woman. Yes that's right apparently the back lash has been so strong to the casting of Gal Gadot that they want to test the waters with her first. I would suspect the large gap between the unnamed [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) film and MoS2 is to give the studio time to recast to role if the underwear model fails to bring the goods. This is just another example of WB/DC not having faith in their movies. As well as proving that they don't have the man berries to step up and go toe to toe with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


As some readers commented below on this story as an April fools prank turned out to be true. I apologize for posting incorrect information and not checking more than one source of the false information. That being said I still expect MoS2 will blink long before Marvel will.


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