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When The Walking Dead Season 4 finale destroyed pretty much everything we hold dear, after another long Season of death and carnage, it would seem impossible to try and lighten the mood in any way at all.

But, surprisingly, we've stumbled across this little nugget of joy, a series of set pictures from The Walking Dead Season 4, shot around "Terminus" and showing the cast and crew of the AMC show buffooning around.

Take a look at this lot and see if you don't crack a smile:

Although that was a nice little mood-lifter, I seriously hope there's nothing in that jovial set of images that can be put to use in Season 5... Apart from, maybe, the fake blood.

What did you guys think of the Season 4 Walking Dead finale? Where do you see the storylines heading in Season 5? Now that all of our Walking Dead loved ones are relieved of all weapons and awaiting their fate from within a locked train carriage, things aren't looking good for Rick's gang. But after that nice little breather of set pictures, I'm ready for it! Are you?


How ready for The Walking Dead Season 5 are you?



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