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For a fourteen-year-old teenager, there's really not much that poor Carl Grimes hasn't seen. But, despite being witness to the zombiepocalypse, having murdered his own mother, losing most people he's ever been close to, and - oh, yeah - nearly getting raped, the little tyke STILL isn't allowed to appear on Chris Hardwick's Talking Dead!

Well, at least not for a while. Remember when this happened?

... To which friendly Chris Hardwick responded that he was welcome to come on anytime:


But, unfortunately, AMC shut the request down:

Still, don't fret! Riggs will get his time on Talking Dead come next year. After fan pressure went through the roof, host Hardwick announced that they had already arranged to bring the young actor on Talking Dead during Season 5.

Great! Are you excited to see Chandler Riggs on Talking Dead when The Walking Dead Season 5 hits? Do you think he'll have to cover his ears for certain parts? Let me know in the comment section below!


The Walking Dead Season 5 is gonna be...


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