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Last weekend's Season 4 finale of The Walking Dead ended with all our Walking Dead loved ones (and Eugene) locked inside an empty container by the guys at Terminus. Relieved of weapons and important possessions, and awaiting their fate from within a locked train carriage, things aren't looking good for Rick's gang for Season 5.

But despite the utter misery which the team will have to endure until Season 5 hits our small screens sometime next year, Alanna Masterson - who plays Tara Chambler on the AMC show - has revealed that it wasn't all bad. In fact, the filming for one of the most badass moments in Season 4 was quite entertaining for the giggly cast members:

It was interesting that night that we shot the train car. It was all of us in one car so that was extremely funny because no one could keep us quiet because we were all just laughing and telling jokes. It’s late at night and we’re just trying to stay awake. It was like two in the morning. And we had all been shooting an episode earlier. I was doing reshoots for episode 12, and Danai, Andy and Norman had been shooting the running through Terminus. So when we got there, we were all in just this one giant street car and it was pretty creepy in there. It was really cold and they locked us in there. And on one half there were cameras, and on the other half there was not. They did a really good job making it look like it was still daytime. It was creepy, but the problem is everyone on that set is so nice and friendly that everybody starts talking and then it gets really loud and then our wrangler as I call him will have to whistle and be like, ‘Everyone be quiet!’

And we weren't the only one to get fired up by Rick's iconic call to action at the end of Season 4:

Andy did the take with his last line. It was so fierce, it just resonated with each person inside that street car, even in just rehearsals. And we were all like, ‘Yeah! They don’t know who they’re messing with!’ Like, we all got so pumped. But then the season ended. We were all like, ‘Yeah, they don’t know who they’re messing with! Um…okay, bye, guys!’

What were your reactions to the Season 4 finale? Do you think they'll all make it out of the carriage alive - or at least survive for long enough to get some decent storylines going in Season 5? Drop your thoughts below, Walking Dead-ers!


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