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Following the kickass arrival of Abraham, Eugene and Rosita on The Walking Dead, showrunner Scott M. Gimple has promised Season 5 will see more comic book characters introduced.

In a twitter Q&A before the season finale, Gimple was asked if more comic book characters were a comin', saying:

I wouldn't spoil which ones specifically, but more are comin'!

Asked specifically if Negan - the big bad of the comic series - would be introduced in Season 5, Gimple responded:

Negan will be in the show… But we won’t say when…

Negan is coming. These words should fill everybody with dread. He's a villain so sadistic he makes the Governor seem as dangerous as a Unicorn walking on a rainbow.

But I don't think we'll see him in the first half of Season 5. If the show sticks to the comic book storyline - and since Gimple became showrunner they more-or-less have - there's a lot of story to come first.

My estimate is the earliest we'd see Negan introduced is the end of Season 5, once the whole trip to Washington and the Alexandria Safe-Zone storylines have played out.

If I'm right about this, then the comic book characters I'd expect to see in Season 5 would be Father Gabriel, Aaron and Douglas Monroe. I won't say any more about these characters other than to expect the unexpected.

When do you think Negan will show up in The Walking Dead? Drop your theories below the line.


When will Negan arrive?


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