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Robert Pattinson has jumped the fence and joined the Paparazzi on the set of his new movie, Life.

The star looked ultra swanky in a sharp suit and tie combo as he held the sizeable vintage camera aloft. Rob clearly didn't mind sleeping with the enemy though, the down-to-earth star was photographed joking with the other actors in the staged media scrum.

Check out the images from the [Life](movie:974904) set below;

Don't you think RPatz totally rocks that side parted short back and sides? Also, is it just me or have paps got scruffier by the year? Maybe if they slammed a suit on and slapped a friendly grin on their faces, they wouldn't get punched so often!

For those of you out of the Life loop, the synopsis reads as follows;

Life centers on the relationship between 1950s movie star James Dean (Dane DeHaan) and photographer Dennis Stock (Robert Pattinson). Stock first discovered Dean shortly before his ascent to stardom thanks to East of Eden, and travelled the country with him taking snaps for Life magazine. These photos would go on to become legendary and make Dean a Hollywood icon.

Is vintage Rob totally up your alley, or is he just dressed like your granddad at a wedding?


Will you be hitting the cinema to watch 'Life'?

(Source: The Daily Mail)

(Images: Tumblr, The Daily Mail via AKM-GSI and Xposure, Popsugar via Pacific Coast News)


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