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When it comes to TV, Christian Slater just cannot catch a break. His most recent starring vehicle for ABC, Mind Games, has just been bumped from the schedule in favor of reruns - and Celebrity Wife Swap. Worse still, this is Slater's fourth cancellation in six years, of which none have reached a full 22 episode season order.

Mind Games struggled to find its feet in the ratings from the very start - The psychological con-man drama, which also starred Steve Zahn, couldn't find a market share on Tuesday nights, with the more experienced Person of Interest and Chicago Fire proving too much for the freshman show to handle.

Celebrity Wife Swap will replace the series from April 15th at 10/9c, with Daniel Baldwin and Jermaine Jackson swapping spouses to open the season. Up until then, ABC will import repeats of its Sunday success story Resurrection, presumably hoping to lure in a few viewers with a quick midweek run.

All of which will be of no comfort to Slater, who must now be hoping that his role in Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac, Part 1 of which was released March 21st, can go some way to restoring his reputation. Whether or not that works out though, at least he recently got the chance to guest star on Archer.

What do you guys think - will Slater bounce back with Nymphomanic, or will we be commenting on a story just like this in April 2015? Let me know below!


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