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If you have ever wanted to hallucinate but are afraid of the possible hours of unremitting paranoia that might be the consequence of taking LSD - now you can. Sort of.

The video below instructs you to focus on the small circle at its center and to say out loud the letters that appear there. Meanwhile, a mildly headache-inducing pattern plays all around.

Stay with it long enough, though, and when you finally look away from the screen then whatever you look at will appear to move slightly.

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Check out the optical illusion here:

WARNING: If you've got photosensitive epilepsy, or anything better to do, it probably isn't worth the trouble.

So what did you think? Is everything you look at now mildly rippling? Mind blowing stuff, eh? And why not write in below and share the weirdest hallucination you've ever had?

(Source iflscience)


What is the craziest hallucination you have ever had?


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