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How I Met Your Mother is the story of a not-so-regular sitcom that has been compared to shows like FRIENDS and other sitcoms. But this is not your usual sitcom. With inside jokes that only true fans will get and sad moments that can compete against actual drama TV programmes. I started watching HIMYM 4 years ago and have stuck with it ever since. This week I had to say goodbye to my favorite on-screen gang. So this is my farewell to the one of best sit-coms ever, lets take a look at the highs and lows and just why the show worked. *POTENTIAL SPOILERS BELOW*

The Highs, why it worked:

1. The Inside Jokes

The Pineapple Incident 
The Pineapple Incident 

This show is better than any other with regards to inside jokes. From numerous theories such as: Mermaid Theory, Olive Theory and Cheerleader Theory. All of which (silly enough) make some sense. Fans of the show can recall moments such as the Pineapple incident, the goat in the bathroom, Barneys occupation and who Robyn's mother was. All of which was answered in the last season, apart from the Pineapple Incident. Dammit CBS! But other than that they nailed everything else. Sure everybody knows HIMYM is a show that you could turn on and watch casually but fellow fans will know how rewarding each episode is when you see frequent appearances from the Bro Code, Playbook, etc.

2. The Chemistry of The Characters


It's easy to see that all these actors are friends off-screen and it helps the show tremendously. Whether its the amazing relationship of Marshall and Lily or the bromance of Ted and Barney or just the group as a whole. I think the chemistry of these actors is one of the reasons why this show went on for so long and also in tense and dramatic scenes, you can see the tears of the actors are real and pure. We all know about the spin-off How I Met Your Dad and I'll give it a try but there's no way they'll find a cast that gel as well as this one does.

3. The Cameos

Another factor that made this show so great is the stellar list of cameos. From Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston to the likes of Katy Perry and Britney Spears. The fun thing about these cameos is that they weren't pointless or forgettable but rather some of the best characters in the show. For example, Katy Perry's "Blah Blah" made for a humorous arc for the gang and not to mention Cranston as Ted Mosby's boss made for some hilarious scenes. The show also featured such stars as: Nicole Scherzinger, Conan O'Brian, Katie Holmes and Sarah Chalke.

4. The Flash-Backs and Flash-Forwards

HIMYM is a sit-com that did a lot of things first for other sit-coms to copy. One major aspect is the use of flash-backs and flash-forwards. This lengthy process of editing really adds to the shows standard and this type of story telling can be seen in many modern shows like: New Girl and Parks and Recreation. All the flash-forwards in season 9 were probably my favorite parts of the season showing Ted with the mother.

The Lows

1. (Parts of) Season 9

Don't get me wrong, season 9 had some great moments and classic HIMYM shenanigans but some episodes really felt like just "filler episodes" to build up the wedding. I think I would've preferred if the gang were in New York for the season and the wedding was like a two-part special. In saying that, there were still some moments I enjoyed throughout season 9, for example: all the moments with the mother, the wedding itself and the momentum the show gained.

Overall, I am sad that the show is over but at the same time totally satisfied with Carter Bays and Craig Thomas' perfectly crafted execution of one of my favorite shows ever. It will feel like a big void not having it anymore, but at least the episodes are highly rewatchable. Long live HIMYM and thanks to all the cast and crew for such a great show.


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