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After splitting from monster makeup legend Stan Winston in the early 90s to go their own way, makeup and FX artists Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr. are celebrating over 25 years in the creature making business. studioADI has been responsible for some of the most iconic creatures in sci-fi and horror since their start with Tremors in 1990 and their impressive feature filmography is still growing.

studioADI has released a behind the scenes video of their work on the 1996 film Alien: Resurrection a film which doesn't get NEARLY as much love as it aught to.

“For nearly every film, once designs are approved by production the chosen designs then move on to be sculpted in clay. Here is a special look back at the sculpting phase of Alien: Resurrection and the Ripley clone abortions ADI created for the film.”

The video below is a 6 minute tribute to the months of work done by creature shop artists and creators, from sculpting to mould pouring and coloration.

Regardless of how you feel about Alien: Resurrection, It goes without saying that this unique video is WELL worth your time.

Whether a film is a crazy-budget big studio feature, or a no-budget indie, the unifying factor is that there is no one thing that makes or breaks a film quite like makeup does, especially monster makeup. This sneak peek into the world of the character artist is a nice little reminder that there's more to your favorite monsters than you might think.

(Source: studioADI YouTube)


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