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Louise Wood

This is the story of Afro Samurai (AS),a black samurai who takes up his sword again to tear through an army of deadly foes led by a sadistic leader in a futuristic feudal Japan. There is a brilliant cast including Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Hamill and Lucy Liu.The story is about the #1 headband, “it’s promise is power, omnipotence, immortality… heavier than any man can bear. No soul who has worn it has ever escaped…” The stunning animation is both beautiful and ambitious. The imagery is amazing, an Afro Samurai wrapped in bandages is the first scene along with two fencers who utter “Touché”. The Manga is extremely gory and gratuitous using arterial spray along with major bloodshed. The soundtrack, by The RZA (Wu Tang Clan) is extremely fitting in conjunction with the often scarlet/black background imagery. The story gets interesting when a chopper with a toxic panel on the front, driven by a bear-headed villain alongside the beautiful female samurai, voiced by Lucy Liu, appear in front of AS. The stunning virago and her henchman crash through AS’s tin cylindrical wall and land in front of him in a reign of fire. She goes on to say she is going to bring his father back “And I’m gonna toy with him, torture him and your father will suffer for you sins!” The scene then cuts to the bear punching through a wooden coffin surrounded by mounds of dirt, while this is happening the siren is performing a soliloquy which includes “Unless you find the #2 headband and try to stop me…go fetch boy, if you have the balls, come for me so I can crush your heart and body as you have crushed mine”. The scene then cuts to our hero, who is staring blankly at the smashed figurines of his gods and father. In the next scene a white haired Afro Samurai, also voiced by Samuel. L. Jackson, joins AS saying “Things sure have changed, where’s the #1 headband? You know you cant never really escape. How’s that bear-headed guy still alive? Didnt you dead him already? Guess not he’s on the strong rebound with a foot up your black ass. And did you catch that honey he was riding with, she the new numero uno now? DAMMMMNNNN! She bootylicious too, she got ass for days, ya hear? Even in that cold-ass rain she had me hot-to-trot!” AS just gazes blankly and says “It begins again…” For anyone who enjoyed the first Afro Samurai this mixture of manga, action and Samuel. L. Jacskson’s brilliant comic timing, this sequel is a must see and available on DVD.


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