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Fan favorite actress Jennifer Lawrence was spotted on a green screen set in Atlanta today filming scenes that appear to be from within the Capital itself, as we see the Lady GaGa-esque outfits the Capital citizens are known so well for on the extras for the scenes, as well as the signature peacekeepers uniforms.

My, my J-Law! What a big, blue coat you have! There are only two reasons one would need to wear a coat like that:

  • To disguise yourself in the Capital and fit in with Capital Couture and their outrageous fashion styles
  • To help hide from unwanted leaked pictures like these snagged pics we see here.

Is that our beloved J-Law, or is it a stunt double?

Are the Capital citizens holding up the 3-finger symbol Katniss is best known for? Surely not, I see some open-handed gloves up in the front. What are they up to this time?

I thought it might have just been a foggy picture until I saw Katniss with her hand covering her face. Is this dusty fog part of the film, or did they snap a photo when the wind was blowing up a bunch of dirt?

[The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1](movie:446261) hits theaters on November 21st, 2014.

(Source: DailyMail)


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