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Michael O'Brien

Hello Moviepilot People,

As an avid visitor to this sight I have noticed a fairly general theme. SUPERHERO'S! Thus, I bring you a project I am working on for my Final year piece. The film is part of our thesis on 'How Major American Political and Historical Events Have Influenced Superhero Movie's' . . . . If I'm honest we saw an opportunity to make a Superhero Short and we couldn't turn it down.

It is a tale of a dystopian Ireland where a group of Super Powered terrorists attack a lab and it is down to Agent Slevin to stop them. That's really all I can say without giving the film away but it's going to be pretty awesome!

So here is the kicker! We are still currently raising money for the project and we only have a couple of days left so if you are interested you can follow the film on our Twitter and Facebook pages and if it so happens that you find yourself flush with cash and feel that investing in awesome superhero movie's is something you don't do enough off then please give what you can and get some awesome Prizes!!!!

Thanks You Guys!!!!!!


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