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Last week Mark Gatiss, previous Who writer and show runner of Sherlock, announced he was writing two new episodes for Doctor Who, and one of the new cast members has tweeted that he shall be appearing in one of the Gatiss written episodes.

Tom Riley, pictured above, tweeted that he's been a fan of the show since he was small, joking that he's loved it since he was smaller than current companion Jenna Coleman, and that Gatiss' script was "awesome".

Tom Riley has previously appeared in Monroe and Da Vinci's Demons as Leonardo Da Vinci, so we know he's got the chops for anything Gatiss and Moffat can throw at him, even though full plot and character details are yet to be announced.

Gatiss has also already written 5 episodes for Doctor Who, during both the T Davies Era and the Moffat Era. Also, with his track record on Sherlock, I can believe that this new script is definitely "awesome".

Between Riley, and the previously announced Keeley Hawes, this new season is getting some of the best British television has to offer, and with Gatiss on board writing episodes, Capaldi might have one of the best seasons yet.


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