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Is Mylie Cyrus Pregnant? Mylie was caught drinking water at her concert last week. Mylie has had too many one night stands that she doesn't know who the father is! After Mylie's dog died she decided to add someone to her family since she is all alone in that big house that she got lonely and didn't want to be alone for the rest of her life. Since her parents are disappointed in her and wont let her even have a conversation with them she decided to add a kid. Do you think She can handle a kid? or is she too young? just like she was too young when she moved out of her parents house at only 17 years of age.

Mylie sent an e-mail to an "unknown" a week ago saying this:Hey guess what! i just found out that i'm pregnant!!! But i don't know who the father is. i'm trying to keep this a secret so i'm not going to tell anyone. i'm sending this to everyone who has been over to my house for the last 3 weeks.

Who could the father be!?! Now if Mylie ever cancels on another show then you'll know why. So i Wonder if she will cancel soon or later. but i know that she will have a little kid with her at one point!


Do you think Mylie is Pregnant?


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