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The Horror Honeys

Scrolling through some horror art, I stumbled upon the work of UK post-modern pop-artist James Rawson, and he's got some amazing stuff that every zombie lover HAS to see.

From his bio:

James’ work addresses some of the most important issues of the last 50 years; over consumption, greed, inequality and life as a spectacle. James’ work screams at you — there is no room for prevarication. It deals with the ubiquity of advertising, sex selling everything, fast food and TV as the drug of a nation. So perhaps you don’t like what you see, the bawdy reality, the cheap thrill, the constant accumulation of sweet things, processed and plastic things to unnatural things: but it doesn’t take away from the fact — it’s the truth.

James' beautiful watercolor series features delicate colours, hesitant yet tender brushstrokes and color work, and some of the most beloved childhood characters caught up in a terrifying storyboard that is beyond stunning.

Selected images are displayed below, but be sure to hit James Rawson's website for the full gallery.

Catch more of James' watercolor work on his website and don't forget to check out his amazing pop-art gallery.


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