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Jamie Wynne

So with the internet going crazy last night about HIMYM it made me think of how in the last few years certain shows which had built up something where the ending was meant to be amazing turns into a gigantic middle finger to the fans.

Lets look at a few examples of when this has happened


1) Dexter

2) Lost

So lets get it started with [Dexter](series:200541), for those who didn't know who he was to put it simply he was a psychotic nut job who tried to justify what he did on the basis that the people he killed were all bad people and he used the skills he had learnt in his profession to get away with it , now i followed this along through all of the series and at some points it dragged but i finally thought as the ending drew near that he would do something amazing , he would hopefully go on a mad killing spree and get gunned down but sadly he chose to fake his own death and hid away for the rest of his life as a lumberjack which found a bit of kick in the teeth to Dexter that wasn't who he was, he wasn't the guy who went all noble he was a mad man and it just felt cheap

lost was well to be honest really confusing to stick with , i got lost mid way through and i managed to catch the last bit but the ending where it all turned out to be some form or purgatory well that was just odd , we never found out so many things and it felt like they never knew the story was going to end that way, I don't really know how to put this apart from it felt like sloppy writing and terrible acting in my opinion.


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