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Man of Steel was the first hero to fly into the DC Universe (or was it Jor-El?). Now that the untitled Superman/Batman movie has been officially announced and put into production, I think we all know what may come next: Justice League.


I sure hope that they don't call this movie [Batman vs. Superman](movie:711870), so they should use something similar to this title. By now, you probably know the main points of this movie, but this will be the first time to popular heroes team up in a DC Entertainment motion picture.

What should happen:

  • One or more years after [Man of Steel](movie:15593), where he is now experienced
  • Superman's character is developed and he gets many moments to shine, smile, save, and spread hope.
  • Batman is "seasoned" but still fit (not like the old out-of-shape Batman from the Dark Knight Returns). He should deliver some great quotes.
  • There should be a fight scene between them. After that, they will obviously team up.
  • Lex Luthor uses Metallo to go after Superman, but Metallo fails.
  • Wonder Woman sneaks around during this time. I think she should use her lasso on Lex Luthor to interrogate him, and then leave. She should not have too much screen time in the movie, but just enough so that she can be very badass for the other viewers.
  • A way to introduce characters is if there is a reward to get Superman.
  • Regular plot happens--whatever David S. Goyer and Chris Terrio have written
  • The end should have Batman already establishing the Justice League, with Superman and Wonder Woman being the co-founders. The rest will be invited and they will be able to do their first mission.


BigRockDJ's Wonder Woman Logo
BigRockDJ's Wonder Woman Logo

This movie will only be green-lit if her appearance in Superman/Batman is accepted among the majority of the audience. I put sensational in the title because it sounds cooler.

What Should Happen:

  • Beginning: we see weapons such as the lasso on the floor and hear Hephaestus hammering an iron sword. Hermes rushes in and says "The wonder has arrived!" and we skip to an action sequence of Wonder Woman fighting in a populated city
  • Flashbacks of Wonder Woman growing up with most gods and goddesses believing she was created from clay
  • Young Wonder Woman receives gifts/powers from the Greek deities
  • Themyscira in flashbacks
  • A huge competition between all the Amazons where Diana is deemed champion
  • Steve Trevor lands on the island and is saved by Wonder Woman
  • Wonder Woman ventures into the world of man
  • Within a week/month, she should adapt quickly into the world
  • The villains should be a god/goddess working with a demigod and a regular human (who should turn into Cheetah before the movie ends)
  • Villain: Hades or some other Greek god
  • She must say the line: "Of all people, you know who I am…who the world needs me to be. I’m Wonder Woman."
  • Cameo of Poseidon presenting [Aquaman](movie:264237) and MERA.


For his part, Berlanti is also developing a Flash movie for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, with sources telling THR that the feature is being eyed for 2016. Pedowitz also noted that there is no conflict with the movie studio or DC when it comes to the TV series and feature film, as previous efforts have proven troublesome when there's such an overlap. --The Hollywood Reporter

This movie would include [The Flash](movie:15273) and GREEN LANTERN, hence the supercharged. We don't need a Green Lantern reboot; we all know his story, so keep it. Whether Ryan Reynolds reprises his role or not, you need to have HAL JORDAN with the Flash. Barry and Hal are the Brave and the Bold.

What Should Happen:

  • Opening Scene: Barry Allen is running through a storm in Central City and is fighting the Weather Wizard. We see flashbacks of his life and origin as he runs, so that viewers who have not watched the TV show will get a recap.
  • Villains: The Rogues and Sinestro
  • Captain Cold has his code of morals, which he enforces on his team.
  • Barry Allen first sees Hal Jordan as Green Lantern when Barry and Iris are on a date.
  • While The Flash is visiting a school to talk to kids about being a hero, Sinestro crashes through the roof and builds constructs of all the students' greatest fear. Flash sees a huge gorilla, which was his biggest fear as a child. GL arrives to intervene and is surprised that Sinestro is doing this. He saves Flash, who gathers all the children while Hal fights. Sinestro ends up going away.
  • Talking by themselves, Hal recognizes Barry's voice, from when he saved him. They exchange contact information if they ever need each other.
  • We see Sinestro going to the Rogues and making a deal for a machine that extracts the fear from the world. In return, he would admit them into the Sinestro Corps.
  • Heatwave sets a trap for the Flash by taking 20 people (one of them happens to be Iris West) as hostage. The Flash surrenders.
  • The Rogues capture the Flash so they could power the "Mirror Machine" that will help Sinestro gain his power. When Green Lantern attempts to save him, he is captured too. They eventually escape together, so the Rogues secretly steal Hal's lantern
  • The climax involves an epic fight scene where Green Lantern and the Flash fight back to back against many of Mirror Master's illusions. When Captain Cold realizes that Sinestro plans to kill almost everyone, he shoots and neutralizes Sinestro with his freeze gun. Unfortunately, the rest of the Rogues continue to keep the machine running.
  • Victory of the Brave and the Bold at the end
  • End Credits Scene: Superman approaches them two months later to recruit them for the Justice League.


Just call the movie [Justice League](movie:401267). Then, add a tagline that reads "The World's Greatest Superheroes". Try to market it as much as you can and hire the best writers. Focus all attention on script before inserting action and special effects. Though there is no evidence of this movie being in development, we all know that its inevitable.

Main Roster: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter


Who else should be part of the Justice League?

What Should Happen:

  • Justice League is already assembled, but now starting very FIRST MISSION
  • Epic heroic moments
  • Humor and jokes because nobody wants to not laugh at the movies [not lame or corny jokes, but at least something that adds to the fun and excitement]
  • Villains: Starro, Injustice Gang + Amazo, Darkseid
  • Headquarters: JL Watchtower
  • Superman and Batman have a bond after World's Finest
  • Giving all heroes the same run time--equality people!
  • Their "zero mission" involves the League fighting the giant starfish to capture the classic moment of their first origin. Martian Manhunter seemingly defeats it by bringing it into the ocean (what we don't know until later is that Darkseid used Starro to slowly invade).
  • A week later, while the league is hanging out, a threat in Coast City involves Amazo and the Injustice Gang. Amazo manages to use the Flash's powers to knock out Batman.
  • Darkseid controls (with Starro) Martian Manhunter to unwillingly use his mind-controlling powers to disable/kill all humans.
  • END: they obviously win, but Martian Manhunter leaves, feeling extremely guilty. An awards ceremony occurs, where Batman is absent from. The Justice League returns to the Watchtower, where a few new recruits await. At the end, we see a freeze frame of the Justice League running to stop a threat (similar to Justice League #1 in the New 52).
  • Final Credits Scene: Batman is watching their fight against Darkseid. He says "They're ready" and we see that he is not Batman, but Owlman. Ultraman steps out of the shadows and replies "Good".

That would make 5 movies by the time JL comes out (including Man of Steel). Man of Steel made a lot of movie off the merchandise, so they must continue that, along with the ADVANCED SCREENING tickets. One thing they could do better is make the toys better. Seriously.

The contingency plan if any of the solo/duet films fail is JUSTICE LEAGUE. If Wonder Woman doesn't do great (in terms of box office), we'll see her in Justice League.

So, that wraps up the first part of the franchise/series or whatever Warner Brothers wants to call it. I do not know who the Rock is playing, but it seems that he will have his own movie, so I will add that in part two.

What do you think of the titles? Should the Flash and Green Lantern be in a movie together? What villains would you want to see in any of the movies? Leave a comment!


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