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Charles Manson is by far one of the scariest cult leaders of all time. Cults are frightening in general, but I have yet to learn of one as scary as the one led by Manson. He thrived on young women with difficult pasts and young men that he could easily manipulate into following his beliefs. He used various manipulating tactics, such as the lure of sex and drugs, charming to the women he knew had low self-esteem, he was incredibly charismatic and he claimed to be Jesus Christ. He liked to be thought of as a hippy, but hippies are not so cruel and violent. He had a serious passion for music, but he read into lyrics way too much. He actually thought that the Beatles were communicating to him directly through their White Album, specifically with their song Helter Skelter.

What frightens me most is the level of control he held over his followers. For some reason, a lot of them truly believed him to be the reincarnation of Jesus. His followers actually expressed this belief during the Tate/LaBianca trials back in August of 1969. He did not kill anyone, but he convinced four of his followers to. They also followed much of what he did during the trial. He shaved his head, so they too shaved their heads. He marked his forehead, so they too marked their foreheads. He is in prison because of the frightening hold he can have on people. If you want to be more informed about this true crime, then I recommend reading Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi, who was the prosecutor of Manson.

David Duchovny, known for the 'X-Files' and 'Californication,' is set to star in this Manson drama. He is going to be an LA policeman in the late 60s who is investigating Manson for his criminal activity. Charlie liked to 'creepy crawl' people's homes to steal and or misplace things, so it makes sense that they'd start the series there. It will eventually build up to murders in August of 1969. Duchovny is a great actor, so I'm sure the show will be entertaining. Not sure if NBC is the best network for this story though. Seems like it'd be more suited for FX, AMC, or even Showtime. Maybe NBC will work though, we shall see!

Do you know much about Manson and the murders? Are you interested in seeing this show?


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