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With the colossal success of Arrow, TV superhero series are redeeming themselves from a somewhat patchy reputation. Whereas once they were famed for their laughable special effects and somewhat tacky bravado, DC Comics has created a wealth of intriguing characters inhabiting a world that is driven by intelligent, adult plot lines.

Now, [The Flash](series:1068303) is on its way and it's going to be awesome. Why? Well the rogues of course! Everyone knows that a hero is only as good his antagonists, so here are 5 villains that I am desperate to see in the first season.

5. The Trickster

Okay, so some dude playing some pranks with rubber chickens and stink bombs like a 9-year-old boy might not seem to have much potential, but hear me out! While he is not as threatening as Batman's psychotic Joker, the Trickster has buckets-full of potential.

Technically, there are two Tricksters: James Jesse, a former circus acrobat-turned-bad who was later killed by Deadshot, and Axel Walker, who discovered Jesse’s joke-themed weapons and utilized them himself. Whereas I don't think it matters which one is used in the TV series, James Jesse has the longest history of clashes with the Flash so would be a logical choice.

The great thing about the Trickster is how he has the potential to build from someone who seems like a mere nuisance to a major threat. By crafting his inventions the Trickster would boost his technological prowess and raise his ambitions making him more challenging. There is also no need for him to stick to mere toys. Adult gadgets such as smart phones would be fair game, and creative writing could create some compelling plots. He could also obviously have comic potential which never goes amiss or, alternatively, how about an intense David Blaine- esque street magician with dark intentions?

4. The Chunk

I realize this is a huge (literally) wildcard, but the Chunk has some compelling qualities that could make him TV gold. For a start, the Chunk is different - the morbidly obese aren't generally blessed with superpowers, and his dark doings in business could provide the show with some compelling chicanery.

The Chunk was a brilliant cosmologist who developed a matter transmitting machine that backfired on its maiden voyage. The alternative universe imploded inside him making the Chunk a human black hole who has to consume 47 times his own mass in dense materials to avoid imploding into a strange universe.

Unfortunately the Chunk is a sensitive soul and he started to send women who rejected him and people who had wronged him into the alternate universe. This in itself could provide compelling story arcs. The disappearances could be investigated for a number of episodes and provide clues for the Flash to sniff out, leading to the thrilling discovery of another world. The Chunk also had a business sending unwanted objects into the alternative universe, so he could be linked to gang activity and making weapons and evidence disappear - effectively making him a city kingpin.

3. Mirror Master

There have been two men to take on the Mirror Master identity, but like in the case of the Trickster, the first incarnation created the technology. Sam Scudder was a regular criminal who recognized the potential of mirrors as portals and weapons of confusion.

His power of travelling through mirrors would be relatively easy to render with a TV budget, but it is his potential to imprison his foes in a psychedelic prison of mirrors that has the greatest potential. The Flash or his allies could witness criminal activity from behind a mirror but be powerless to do anything about it, leading to the challenge of tracking the perpetrator once they are freed. There could also be questions of the validity of what they witness from more skeptical allies because of the confusing and distorting nature of Mirror Master's abilities.

2. Pied Piper

A guy dressed like Peter Pan tootling on his horn doesn't seem too exciting at first, but then the Pied Piper is a deeply layered rogue.

Pied Piper was born deaf, but his hearing was not only restored, it also returned ultra sensitive. Pied Piper's resulting deep understanding of sound meant that he was able to develop sonic technology that hypnotized those around him. The Pied piper can essentially make others do his bidding.

Fundamentally, the Pied Piper is a misguided enthusiast with a unique gift and he offers something most villains lack; a chance a redemption. The Pied Piper has cooperated with the Flash in the comics, and he could easily become a crucial informer putting himself on the line. Also, before he is reformed there is huge potential for mass mind control through media channels which wouldn't require any complicated special effects.

1. Captain Cold

Reverse Flash might be the Flash's most notorious enemy, but Captain Cold is a close second. His abilities are obvious from his rather shoddy name, but it is Captain Cold's personal qualities that would make him compelling viewing.

Cold has diplomatic and organizational skills that helped him to form the Rogues with other Flash villains. This element of the antagonists collaborating couldn't be led by anyone better than Captain Cold.

His standout feature is the fact he abides by a strict moral code and will not kill unless it is unavoidable. Essentially, his way of operating is much more subtle than some of the more gung-ho villains. It also means that Captain Cold has the power to extradite members of any factions formed, forcing them to commit desperate acts within their imposed isolation. This has obvious dramatic potential.

If you're not convinced, that is just five suggestions from one of the most diverse rogues galleries in the DC universe that The Flash could be pitted against. With other formidable foes such as The Top, Heat Wave, Abra Kadabra, Professor Zoom and more to potentially pile on the heap, I'm confident the rogues will make [The Flash](movie:15273) great.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming TV series? Are you confident it will soar into the superheroes hall of fame, or will it be a flash in the pan?


Which rogues would you love to see take on the Flash in the new TV show?

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