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Terminator: Genesis looks like an unstoppable machine, with news emerging from the project all the time. This article was updated on May 6th to reflect the latest Terminator 5 developments.

Firstly, muscle bound actor Aaron Williamson announced that he would be playing the T-800 in the movie (in a tweet he later deleted).

Then we learned that Matt Smith would be joining the cast in an unconfirmed role, although some have speculated that he might be human rebel leader John Connor.

However, there is one story that hangs over the whole project: how much Arnie will we get to see?

There has been talk that the movie will jump in time and revisit scenes from the first two Terminator films. But the question remains - is Schwarzenegger up to it? And if he is, how can you account for aging in what is, essentially, a machine?

Schwarzenegger himself offered up this excuse:

I have human flesh, underneath is a metal skeleton — but the human flesh ages just like everyone else does. The skeleton doesn’t change.

And that might be plausible enough. But maybe the writers don't have so much to worry about. After all, there are plenty of other aging action heroes that hold their own precisely because of their years of experience. Let's take a look at a few of the best:

1. Jetfire - Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

After being woken up in Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen from a sleep that has lasted hundreds of years, Jetfire isn't in the best shape. He is low on energy, his memory is failing him and he is literally falling apart. And yet he proves to be one of the best transformers in the movie.

What his fellow robots have in skill and agility, he compensates for with his knowledge and power. Something he shows when, toward the end of the film, he cleaves Mixmaster in two with his ax and then decapitates him.

Jetfire's ability to combine his near obsolescence with a deep, ancient power could definitely be something that Schwarzenegger could take on for Terminator: Genesis.

2. Liam Neeson - The Taken series

Liam Neeson wasn't known for action movies at all until he turned 55 - but with the Taken series he proved himself to be one of the toughest out there.

Not only does he have great lines such as the 'I will find you, and I will kill you' speech - but he also depicts a guy with an unstoppable willpower who will stop at nothing to complete his mission.

And it seems that Neeson in real life is not to be messed with, either. Check out how he reacted to having a kid pull a knife on him during his days as a teacher:

3. Arnie himself - Terminator 1 + 2 - and the rest of the 80s action movies

One of the revelations to come out of Terminator 5: Genesis is that it may well revisit some of the more iconic earlier scenes from the first two movies.

And it would be worth Schwarzenegger's time to watch that movie back. He was already 41 years old when that film was made, and while that isn't old, it's not that young either. And - as with a lot of his generation of action heroes - there is something about Arnie that seems like it was born old.

In movies like the Lethal Weapon (I'm too old for this shit), Rocky and Die Hard series' - that generation of action heroes were always fighting enemies younger, quicker and more skillful than they were - and they beat them with grit and determination.

And in Terminator 2 Schwarzenegger already has all the hallmarks of a good aging action hero: he is up against a more agile enemy, is tough and resilient, and - like Jetfire - he sacrifices himself to save the day.

So if the makers of [Terminator: Genesis](movie:34872) know their action movie history, there is no reason why Schwarzenegger shouldn't get one more day in the sun.

But what do you think? Can Arnie pull off one last Terminator movie? Or is it time he was melted down for parts? Write in with your thoughts in the comments section below.


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