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It's still a long way from being commissioned, let alone going into production, but Karl Urban has a message for Dredd fans regarding a sequel: He's on it.

Speaking in a video posted on the 2000AD Youtube page, Urban has responded optimistically to a fan-base that is itself working hard to get Dredd 2 made. The official petition to bring Dredd back has already passed 100,000 signatures, and's recent March Movie Madness campaign saw the film named the site's Facebook users favorite film of the year.

This support clearly hasn't gone unnoticed, and it's great to see Urban taking the time to thank fans - and to confirm that their efforts aren't in vain. To hear it in his own words, check out the trailer below:

What do you think, though, guys? Will Dredd 2 ever make it to the screen? Let me know your thoughts below.


Will Dredd 2 ever make it into cinemas?


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