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Canadian rapper Drake gave the Hunger Games actress a shout-out in his brand-new song "Draft Day" recently, making it clear he's smitten with the blonde Oscar-winner.

Late on Tuesday night, the 27-year-old musician tweeted a link to his Soundcloud of his new song, which features a looped sample of the classic 1998 Lauryn Hill song, "Doo-Wop (That Thing)."

On the track, Drake refers to Hunger Games hottie Jennifer Lawrence (as well as - of course - plenty of insults to go around). Oh, and in case everyone's favorite American Hustler star was wondering, the rapper included this lyric:

On some Hunger Games s--t, I would die for my district. Jennifer Lawrence, you could really get it, I mean, for real girl, you know I had to do it for ya.

I mean, GET IN LINE, Drake!

Check out the song here, and see what you think:

Where's your Rihanna shout-out, Drake?

Part of me wishes he'd taken a little more from Lauren Hill's song than a sample...and sung about something other than other slebs. Still, I'm sure Jennifer Lawrence is happy with the result! What did you guys think of his new song and JLaw reference? Hit me up in the comments!

(Source: Rolling Stone)


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